The color pink is gentle and feminine and evokes the scent of apple blossoms and the laughter of little girls. Pink is calming and energetic all at once. Wear the color pink to evoke youthful energy and childlike joy. Pink can be used in magic for emotional love, tenderness, conception, babies, pregnancy, romance, youth, peace, emotional healing, inner harmony, femininity and friendship. The action of the color pink is similar to that of the color red, but gentler and more muted.

Wear and decorate with the color pink, or burn pink candles to relax and energize, calm aggression and relieve stress. The color pink is also used to suppress the appetite.

In Japan, the color pink is associated with the spring blooming of the cherry blossoms (Sakura) which are associated with the souls of warriors fallen in battle.

Correspondences for the Color Pink

Element: fire
Direction: South
Planet(s): Venus
Zodiac Sign(s): aries,
Chakra: heart
Day of the Week: Friday
Season: Spring
Holiday: Beltane, Ostara, Spring Equinox, Imbolc
Number: 1, 0
Feng Shui: The color pink brings soothing energy to a space, but excessive use of it can cause the inhabitants to lose touch with reality.
Magical Tools: wand, cauldron
Incense: sandalwood, lavender, ginger, sweetpea, tuberose, rose, apple blossom, gardenia, jasmine, strawberry, apricot
Minerals: pink sapphire, kunzite, rose quartz, pink diamond, pink spinel, pink garnet, ruby, red jasper, emerald, peridot, aventurine
Plants: Cherry blossoms, apple blossoms
Animals: Pink iguana, flamingo, pig, pink dolphin
Tarot: seven
Deities: Venus, Aphrodite, all God/desses of Love, Eos
Health: The color pink is associated with breast cancer research. The phrase "In the Pink" means to be healthy.
The Work Place: "Pink collar workers" are people in positions traditionally viewed as "women's work". In the work place, when you are laid off it may be said that you were given a "pink slip".
Politics: "Code Pink:Women for Peace", a feminist anti-war initiative in the US., and the Swedish "Feminist Initiative" both use pink as their signature color. "Pinko" is a derogatory term used to describe "watered down" communist or socialist politics - it's not quite red.
Sexuality: The color pink is used extensively to represent both femininity and the LGBT community. During Nazi occupation, homosexuals were forced to wear an upside down pink triangle to identify themselves.

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