The color orange evokes summertime fun. Days at the beach, camping, bonfires and BBQs. Orange is an active color with warm energy not quite as aggressive as red but quite a bit more so than pink. The orange candles and altar decor can be used in spells related to balance, memory, sharing, kindness, business, legal issues, ambition, uncrossing, controlling emotion, obtaining information, confidence, charm, encouragement, attraction and optimism.

The color orange is an excellent choice for a kitchen or dining room as it stimulates the appetite and encourages lively conversation. It also relieves depression and stagnation and increases productivity. Too much orange in an environment, however, can cause one to feel overwhelmed and irritable.

Correspondences for the Color Orange

Element: air or fire
Direction: East or South
Chakra: sacral
Planet: mercury or mars
Days of the Week: Tuesday or Wednesday
Holidays: Harvest, Samhain
Number: 2
Tools: wand, censer
Tarot: Eights
Healing: Nervous disorders
Feng Shui: The color orange promotes socialization, conversation and good times.

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