The Father God is usually the consort of the Mother Goddess. He is usually the father of several other important Gods, and may also be the father of mankind.

Geb - Geb is the husband and brother of the sky Goddess Nut and father by Her of Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nepthys. He is imaged as a man with a goose on his head, or as a man lying beneath the arch of the sky.

Odin - Odin is the one-eyed All-Father of the Norse pantheon. His wife is Frigg, the Goddess of Wisdom. Odin carries out war and gives strength to his enemies. Thor was actually more typically associated with peace and abundance than Odin was, and tended to be a more primary god for the living.

Zeus - Zeus is the Hellenic King of the Gods who rules from His throne on Mount Olympus. He rules over the sky, thunder, contracts and the code of hospitality.

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