The Crone Goddess is a member of the Triple Goddess triad honored in some witchcraft religion traditions. She represents advanced age and the wisdom that comes with it as well as the freedom that the post menopausal period offers women to explore topics beyond the innocent Maiden and for which the Mother simply does not have time. The Crone does not fear death, but walks along the veil between the worlds.

Baba Yaga - Baba yaga is a Russian Goddess who takes the form of an old crone. She rides through the air on her mortar and pestle.

Hecate - For many modern witchcraft traditions, Hecate is a Dark Goddess and associated with the spirits of the dead, ghosts, the dark of the moon, baneful herbs, curses and black magic. For others, Hecate is the Crone Goddess, ruling over the third stage of a woman's life, that beyond her childbearing years when she can focus on deepening the skills and information collected throughout her lifetime, when knowledge and experience is refined into wisdom. Historically, Hecate has served many roles. She is an incredibly ancient Goddess with origins lost in the mists of time.

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