The Enochian Alphabet is the Alphabet used for the Enochian Language transcribed in the journals of John Dee and Edward Kelley who claimed to have received its secrets during several scrying sessions in the early 1580s CE.

The language is called Enochian because the men believed that Enoch was the last human to have learned and used the language. The angels revealed to them that Enoch had written it down in the Book of Loagaeth which was lost during the Deluge. They also called the language by several other names; Celestial Speech, Angelical, The First Language of God-Christ, and Adamical because they believed that it was the first language spoken by Adam and Eve, God and all the creatures at the beginning of creation. Indeed, it was the the powerful language of creation through which God spake all things into being.

There are two versions of the alphabet, the first was recorded in John Dee's journal and five of his Books of Mysteries and the second, more accepted version came from Kelley's original drawings and is recorded in the book Liber Loagaeth. The alphabet usage and pronunciation has been further developed by more modern practitioners attempts to recreate the Enochian system, including Aleister Crowley and they have been adopted and adapted by some magical organizations and systems.

The Enochian Alphabet is used for Enochian Magic and the Enochian Keys. Several of the letters have English equivalents and the language is written from right to left.

In 1994, Enochian letters were featured on the movie Stargate.


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