Welcome to The Witchipedia

Welcome to the Witchipedia

We have 1043 pages of magical and occult wisdom in our database and we are adding more every day.

The Witchipedia is a collaborative open-source informational website dedicated to providing information to new Pagan, Heathen and magical seekers and serving as a reference for more experienced individuals. We welcome the contributions of anyone with wisdom to share and we hope that this site will prove a valuable resource to Pagans, Heathens, shamanic practitioners, alchemists, witches, herbalists, occultists and magick-users everywhere.

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The Month of March

The month of March is the 3rd month of the Julian and Gregorian Calendars but was originally the first month of the Roman calendar year, called Martius named for Mars, one of the most important Gods of the Roman state.

Book Of Shadows

This month's read along book, by suggestion, is Book of Shadows by Phyllis Curott. It is the story of Currot's own introduction to Wicca and is laced with information about the path and its practices.

This Month's Theme:Africa and African Diaspora

This month's theme is Africa and African Diaspora and it's not just because it's Black History Month, though that did push me over the edge when thinking about his month's theme. The truth is, I've been thinking about Africa and black folks a lot lately and I think everyone should. First off, Nigeria, Shell Oil, Boca Haram, Bring Back Our Girls & etc. and if you don't know what that stuff is, you need to get on Google right now. Next #blacklivesmatter here in the US and if you don't know what that's about you know where the search engine is. This is a website about magick and witchcraft and what does that have to do with Africa and African Diaspora? A whole lot! The abundance of witchcraft related deaths and abuses that take place in Africa are worth thinking about and so is all the wonderful magical stuff we get from Africa. I know a few very white witches who are unashamed of their hoodoo and rootwork and I hope they know they have Africa to thank for it. And shall I mention some pretty significant herbs that came out of Africa?

What's New?

Witchipedia is pleased to announce Witchipedia's Introduction to Magick and Witchcraft, a Facebook group where seekers can explore basic techniques and gather information under the gentle guidance of more experienced mentors. The aim of the class/discussion is to provide a solid magical foundation for seekers in order to help them develop their own magickal style. The program is approximately six months long and takes place inside a closed Facebook group. This session is closing on February 16th, so if you are interested in joining us, please do so ASAP. The next session will begin in September. Seekers and mentors are welcome.

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